Sidneys Auctions 2 Day Guarantee

Purchasers can for the first time ever at auction, buy electrical or mechanical items with total confidence knowing the item they are buying is in full working order.

 The Unique Sidneys Auctions 2 Day Guarantee.

We will guarantee,  Electrical/Mechanical items sold for a hammer price of 40€ or more for a full 2 days after the auction.


Electrical goods ie : Washing Machines, Fridge Freezers, Televisions, Power Tools etc.

Mechanical goods ie : Petrol Hedge Trimmers, Generators, Lawn Mowers or items with an engine or motor etc (excluding motor vehicles).


Quite simply, make your successful bid and if after you’ve paid you get your item home to find it is not in full working order, then simply bring it back to us before the close of business no later than 2 days from the date of sale and we will give you a full refund including the commission.


                                  No fuss, no gimmicks, no problem.


Listed below is a general guide as to what is not included.

Any lot that makes up part of a parcel or multiple lot.

Any lot that the auctioneer has marked or discloses at time of sale to have faults.

Any lot that is being sold as faulty even if it sells at a hammer price of more than 40€.

Pedal bicycles and other foot or hand powered items are not included neither are motor vehicles whether it be for on or off road use.

Off road motor vehicles include sit on Mowers, Golf Buggies, Jet Ski’s, Fork Lifts, Tractor units and/or any other driven or ride on machine whether recreational or work related.

All other goods offered for sale that are not of an electrical nature nor are powered by a motor or combustible fuel are also not included.

These will all be deemed to be sold as seen.


                                                                           Happy Bidding.     


                   Notice to vendors of disclosure of faulty goods.


It is the vendors responsibility to disclose any faults on any goods they wish the auctioneers to sell on their behalf. Faulty or broken goods can often still be sold for spares or repair but disclosure is paramount to keeping the purchaser satisfied.


Any item returned not working will be returned to the vendor and the vendor shall be liable for costs incurred by the auctioneers for the faulty item. The Vendor is responsible for collection of the faulty item no later than 24 hours before the next auction date. If the item is not collected before this time then it shall be deemed abandoned and sold for spares or repair to recoup any losses sustained by the auctioneers.  It is the responsibility of the vendor not the auctioneers to make contact to verify what lots have been sold.